Musically Inclined Day Dreamer
An opera bound tenor|22| finds comfort in many things, music being #1| JMU Alum | Currently in NYC -grad school| My favorite thing is the red color that you see when you close your eyes and look toward the sun!

@aggienyama looking sooo fierce!!
@lizzmonade finally made it to #Brooklyn

Caught @thomashenrus bustin slick rhymes, #SaltandPeppa style

In honor of #tbt and my #Birthday, I thought I’d share this gem with you all.
Yay!!! #23
Just arrived home to see this awesome early Birthday surprise from my wonderful roommate and friend, @thomashenrus Thank you, you got all of my favorites!!
I want to say thanks so much to the lovely @sjabre24 for treating me to see this awesome movie for an early bday present!! :-) #BeginAgain #bdayfun
#myfamily!! Dressed as cows for the free #ChikFilA sandwiches today! Sooo adorable!!!!!
#tbt to when everyone had MySpace pics like this, I had no beard, and acne!! My Lord how time has flown!
Trying on Hea Na’s new shades at Toast.
Off to Church!

The fact that my leg is moving on its own… #ghostlimb #Aliens?

Conversations with #Pamina the #cat aka #Felicia

Did the #GospelChallenge on Facebook earlier!