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An opera bound tenor|22| finds comfort in many things, music being #1| JMU Alum | Currently in NYC -grad school| My favorite thing is the red color that you see when you close your eyes and look toward the sun!


#Boredbubbles @jboygot24s @lahrlisings

#warmkittysoftkitty @songofashes will like this one

#CentralPark #SheepsMeadow realness givingface!!
Chillin with @christhatsit27 & @Natashatalia

@thomashenrus bathroom #cleaning #cabaret

It’s real, this actually happens!!

@aggienyama looking sooo fierce!!
@lizzmonade finally made it to #Brooklyn

Caught @thomashenrus bustin slick rhymes, #SaltandPeppa style

In honor of #tbt and my #Birthday, I thought I’d share this gem with you all.
Yay!!! #23
Just arrived home to see this awesome early Birthday surprise from my wonderful roommate and friend, @thomashenrus Thank you, you got all of my favorites!!
I want to say thanks so much to the lovely @sjabre24 for treating me to see this awesome movie for an early bday present!! :-) #BeginAgain #bdayfun